Cocoa is a tool to open your heart. It opens the door and it's up to you to walk through it.

Keith Wilson

A sustainable cocoa project from the Selva Zoque

Tabasqueño fine flavor cocoa - ceremonial cocoa from Mexico

Enjoy with us this very rare and historically important fine flavor cocoa from Mexico, which is not only perfect as a ceremonial cocoa because of its more than 4000 year old history.

The cocoa beans used for our cocoa mass come from the Selva Zoque, one of the largest and ecologically most important rainforest areas in Mexico. In addition, the project, which has existed since 2014, guarantees Agrofloresta Mesoamericanathat endangered native animals are protected, the rainforest is reforested and the indigenous Zoque and Tzotzil tribes and farmers who live there are supported. The cocoa of the Zoque Indians in southern Mexico has been cultivated and consumed for over 4000 years and is therefore one of the oldest known types of cocoa.

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This is what makes our cocoa special

fine flavor cocoa

mixed forest cultivation


Keine Zuckerzusätze


From organic cultivation

Worth knowing about the brown gold

Hardly anything is as exciting, varied and surprisingly complex as the background and processes surrounding cocoa, which is not called the "brown gold" for nothing. Find out more about its production and use here, or visit the blog directly and dive deep into the magical world of cocoa.

What is real cocoa?

The nuances of cocoa and the differences in quality are almost as complex as those of wine. Especially if cocoa is to be used for ritual and ceremonial purposes, the origin and cultivation method of the cocoa is of the utmost importance. Cocoa can be roughly divided into fine flavor cocoa and consumer cocoa. The purity and origin of the bean as well as the type of cultivation play an important role in the definition. Consumer cocoa is harvested in large quantities and mostly grown in monocultures, which are disastrous for the environment and wildlife. The pesticides used and the resulting stress on the cocoa plant have a negative effect on the quality of the cocoa. High-quality cocoa is grown in natural, environmentally friendly mixed cultures, which means that only small quantities can be harvested. The cocoa plant feels most comfortable in the tropical rain forest under shady plants. The higher the biodiversity, the finer and more complex aromas the cocoa can develop, the better its taste and the greater the chance for our rainforests.

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How is cocoa grown?

The way cocoa is grown is crucial if you want to consume cocoa of the highest quality and purity. In general, a distinction can be made between conventional and organic cultivation. In conventional, industrial cocoa cultivation, high yields are the ultimate goal. Only cocoa plants are grown on monocultures, with catastrophic consequences for the animal and plant world, as well as for the quality of the cocoa. An alternative to this is cultivation in mixed cultures, in which the cocoa is grown together with other crops. When growing cocoa in semi-natural agroforestry systems, like our Tabasqueño cocoa, cocoa is grown alongside a variety of different shade trees. The resulting structural diversity simulates a natural rainforest and offers habitats for native animal and plant species. In this article, learn more about the different cultivation methods and their impact on the quality and taste of the cocoa.

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Why should I drink cocoa?

How can such a healthy substance with such a fantastic effect on body, mind and soul be so unknown in our latitudes?  – I ask myself and take another sip of this velvety, delicious, healing and creamy liquid. Cocoa still leads a shadowy existence next to its colleagues in tea and coffee. Completely wrong, because the brown gold is not called the "food of the gods" for nothing and is considered a superfood. Even the Maya and Aztecs used cocoa as medicine. Cocoa is a true all-rounder with good components, it tastes fantastic, is healthy, makes you fit and awake and is even supposed to make you happy! Why, why, why I would like to tell you the following..

Why cocoa is good for you