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Our Mellow Magic Selection shouldn't just be about a product, but about everything valuable that is literally in it. We want to share with you limited treasures from around the world and unique craftsmanship made with love and dedication. In our selection, we focus on the people and their history. We get to know our manufacturers, pay the desired prices and make sure on site that the conditions of their work meet our requirements. We want to offer people a direct, fair income as payment for their high-quality work, share their history, connect our cultures & appreciate their skills, because traditional craftsmanship suffers worldwide from the industrially manufactured, cheap copies of the import giant China. We are convinced that these artists and craftsmen would also receive great recognition from you. With your purchase, you not only appreciate and support their valuable work, but you also bring the unique energy of their culture into your home and unite worlds.

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The story of Jesús Torres Gómez and his Molinillos

A fourth generation Molinillo family workshop

"We always work, because it is less a tiresome work than a fulfilling life"
Jesus Torres Gomez

Wallo and I are convinced that a product is never just a product, but that the frequencies of its materials and manufacturers are part of it. It was clear to us that our Molinillo project had to be about very special people, with great dedication and love for their work, because enjoying cocoa is above all about the connection to your own heart. And this should be transmitted traditionally through the use of a Molinillo. We are proud and happy that we found and were able to meet Jesús Torres Gómez and his family and that we can offer the lovingly handcrafted Molinillos in our shop. High up in the mountains of Santa Catarina Ixtepeji, in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, Jesús Torres Gómez lives with his family who have been carving molinillos for four generations! Wondering what a molinillio is and how to use it? You can find many exciting insights into Jesús Torres Gómez's family project here.

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