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Nice that you're here! We are Melli & Wallo and we stand behind the Mellow Magic Shop, with our Mellow Magic Cacao as our absolute heart project. As I - Melli - write these lines, I feel pure happiness and a tingling joy flowing through me. I can't help it, I have to grin and I'm convinced that the glow in my eyes puts every LED bulb in the shade. Because suddenly he's there, the Mellow Magic Shop and I'm so very proud of it, because it's so much more than just a shop!

But I'll start from the beginning...

how it all started

It was a cold December day in 2019 when, together with our then 3-year-old daughter Alva and pregnant with our unborn son Aaren, we left the city of Berlin and our old lives behind us in our "Bobelle", an old Mercedes vintage car. We are ready! Ready to finally live the life that really suits us - without compromise. We have let go of old conditioning, patterns and demands on life that are not ours and never were. Since then, life has shown us every day, in its own wondrous way, that nothing is certain, but everything is possible. It is the call of life itself, with its abundance of infinite possibilities, which we follow undeterred. We were able to learn that each of our small steps and each of our decisions are of the utmost importance. Not just for ourselves and our lives, but for the whole world, because our decisions today are what shape tomorrow.

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In search of tomorrow –
With our children, for our children

True to the motto Be the change you want in the world since then we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to things, people and projects that inspire us and that touch our hearts. We support projects that we would like to see more of in the world. We help people whose visions we share. We invest our time in ideas that make our hearts sing. We travel the world to share its diverse reality.

We embark on a search for tomorrow - with our children, for our children - to show them, us and you how wonderfully colourful, lovable and worth living in this world is - regardless of the dark news. Here we would like to share inspiring people and their projects with you and make their stories visible so that we can support them together.

So much more than just a shop

In the last 3 years and in the many years of travel that preceded them, we have seen so much, smelled so much, tasted so much. We were allowed to learn, question and experience so much and the longing to share all these impressions became overwhelming in us, because we can only love what we know. And what we love, we will protect.

We want to protect this earth, the plants, the animals, our water. We want to support projects that herald a different reality with their innovative, sustainable proposals. We want to broaden our view of the world to connect cultures instead of dividing them. We want to protect our human diversity from a more and more uniformed society. Yes, we want to celebrate our diversity to find unity in it. We want to protect and support traditional craftsmanship that was created with love and dedication by making it visible. Because yes - oh yes! – there is so much that is beautiful, far away from the cheap, mass-produced goods imported from the East.

Come with us on this journey and experience the diversity of the world with us, with all your senses. Taste our ceremonial Mellow Magic Cacao and bring the tastes, aromas, stories and dreams from faraway worlds into your home and support your own well-being and valuable projects with your purchase. In the Mellow Magic Shop you will not only find our exquisite fine flavor cocoa and unique treasures from around the world, but also exciting content, reports and stories that touch and inspire.

Mellow Magic Cocoa

We are deeply honored that cocoa has found us and that we can offer you delicious ceremonial fine flavor cocoa from Mexico and around the world, which opens your heart and brings calm and peace to your field. Our cocoa is wonderful as a ceremonial cocoa and with the purchase you support the reforestation project Selva Zoque from Tabasco. The project is dedicated to protecting endangered native animals, reforesting the rainforest through agroforestry and supporting local farmers and the indigenous Zoque and Tzotzil tribes of Tabasco and Chiapas.

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Mellow Magic Selection

Our Mellow Magic Selection shouldn't just be about a product, but about everything valuable that is actually in it. We want to share limited treasures from around the world and unique craftsmanship with you. We want to offer people a direct, fair income as payment for their high-quality work, share their history, connect our cultures & appreciate their skills, because traditional craftsmanship suffers worldwide from the industrially manufactured, cheap copies of the import giants from the East.

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Mellow Magic Blog

Join us on the adventure. I am happy about every person who reads my words with joy in order to feel this world together with me. Get ready for a good dose of inspiration, because this is about the feelings, stories, backgrounds and dreams in the hearts of the people we were able to get to know. In addition, we share our very personal thoughts, impressions and experiences about our topics, trips and projects, authentically and honestly.

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What does "Mellow Magic" stand for?


"Maturing magic"... yes, that makes sense, even fits perfectly, after all we feel ourselves and our lives as magical and are often stunned by how quickly we as people, as couples and parents have developed in the last few years to have. We mature, yesterday and today, in the truest sense of the word.

However, this fact played only a minor role in the creation of Mellow Magic. Rather, our names, Melli and Wallo, were decisive. Our friends called us the "Mellows" for a long time since we were mostly to be found together anyway. And so we adopted the wording as a term that stands for both of us and for the magic that connects us to this life.

On our website www.mellowmagicworld.com you will learn more about us, our history, our journey and offers. Feel free to come and browse. We look forward to seeing you 🙂

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We are happy if you like our content and would like to support our work, our search and life journey. With every euro you go one kilometer further into the new tomorrow. With every euro we can create further projects and connections and with every euro we can be there for you and pass on energy and money to valuable people and projects.

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Whether it's about our products, the people behind them or about us as people - we're happy to answer any question you have.