Start your journey into the powerful and bittersweet world of cocoa with this special drink and enjoy the relaxing and at the same time invigorating effect of cocoa - for your daily break in everyday life. Depending on the dosage, our cocoa recipe can be used as a light cup of cocoa or as a ceremonial cocoa.

What is a cocoa ceremony?

Cocoa ceremonies are a shamanic ritual and are primarily used to help people achieve more clarity or self-determination, as well as to release inner blockages. In addition, the cocoa ceremony should open your heart and put you in a harmonious state - with yourself, your environment and fellow human beings.

What is ceremonial cocoa?

Ceremonial cocoa is made from whole fermented cocoa beans. These are roasted particularly gently and finely ground to create a uniform mass. This mass is the basic material for ceremonial cocoa and is called "cocoa mass". Of the Mellow Magic Cocoa is 100 % cocoa liquor (except for a pinch of salt to round out the flavor) and we use it for both ceremonial cocoa and our daily morning cup of cocoa. The basic ingredient of our cocoa is always "chocolate" made from 100% cocoa, without sugar, chemicals or other ingredients, completely untreated and gently roasted.

What is also special about ceremonial cocoa is that it is grown, harvested and processed with love and respect, just like at our cocoa project in Mexico. Because the frequencies of its origin, the cultivation and handling of the cocoa tree are contained in your cocoa drink. Here you can find out more about our sustainable Cocoa Project Selva Zoque from Mexico,

In contrast to the (mass) products of the food industry, noble, ceremonial cocoa actually has the potential to be a stimulating medicinal plant with an intensive effect.

Find out more about the production of cocoa and what makes "good cocoa":

What you should know before preparing

  1. Water is important, especially if you drink cocoa daily or want to attend a cocoa ceremony, because cocoa has a dehydrating effect.
  2. Cocoa has a lot of antioxidants and is therefore very healthy. However, animal protein, i.e. normal cow's milk, and sugar inhibit the antioxidant effect of cocoa. For this reason you should avoid cow's milk and added sugar for your cocoa ritual and instead use plant milk, such as. B. unsweetened oat or almond milk. Traditionally, only water is used for ceremonial cocoa.
  3. You should start with a smaller amount of cocoa and better not exceed the officially recommended amount of 40 grams per day. Feel your way slowly and feel how much cocoa is good for you.

Learn more about the positive properties and effects of cocoa here:

Why you should drink cocoa

Set your intention for the ceremony

For a cocoa ceremony, or just for your daily cup of cocoa in the morning, it is valuable if you gather yourself beforehand, are completely with yourself and set an intention. Ask yourself how you want to feel when drinking the cocoa, what you want to let go of, what you want to bring into your life, what you need help for, what you are grateful for, etc.

Give your intention to the cocoa and then drink it consciously.

The role of Molinillo

We recommend using a traditional, handmade Molinillo from Mexico. The cocoa whisk has been manufactured and used for centuries and, in addition to frothing and whipping the cocoa, is also used to transfer your intention and energy to the cocoa. By regularly rubbing your hands, the molinillo will start spinning. His carved rings will start beating in your rhythm. In this way you transmit your very own frequency and consciously hand it over to the cocoa.

Ingredients for your ceremonial cocoa

  • approx. 150ml of water – alternatively unsweetened oat or almond milk (depending on the cup size and the desired smoothness and intensity of the taste)
  • Mellow Magic Cocoa – ½ triangle for a light cup of cocoa, 1 triangle for a regular-strength cup of cocoa, 3 triangles (34 grams) for ceremonial cocoa
  • Spices according to your preferences: e.g. B. cinnamon, turmeric, chili or cayenne pepper, a drop of vanilla extract. Chilli is used especially in cocoa ceremonies because it additionally supports the effect of the cocoa.
  • coconut blossom sugar if it should be sweet or e.g. date sugar, date syrup, agave syrup, etc.

Utensils for your ceremonial cocoa

  • smaller Pot
  • Molinillo or whisk (alternatively an electric frother or mixer)
  • favorite mug or beautiful cocoa cup

Preparation of the cocoa

Start with about 30 grams of cocoa for your ceremonial cocoa. If you tolerate it well, you can take about 40 grams per ceremony. 11 grams (a triangle) are enough for a simple cocoa in between, without time and leisure, or for a small ritual, for a light cup 7 grams (approx. half a triangle).

  • Have all the ingredients ready: cocoa, pot, molinillo, cup and spices if necessary.
  • Heat part of the water or plant-based milk on the stove and add the desired amount Mellow Magic Cocoa added.
  • Heat the cacao slowly and gently and do not let it boil under any circumstances (otherwise it will become bitter). Stir slowly with the whisk or Molinillo until the cocoa has completely dissolved.
  • Slowly pour in the rest of the liquid and rub the Molinillo between your hands until the cocoa has a creamy-frothy consistency.
  • Add the spices and, if necessary, the sweetness step by step.
  • Take a spoon and taste your cocoa. Maybe add seasoning.
  • Pour the cocoa into your cup and enjoy it consciously. Feel how it warms and enriches you from the inside out.
  • Take a glass of water with it, because cocoa makes you thirsty.

Your cocoa ceremony - tips, preparation & implementation

Think of a suitable place for your cocoa ceremony and set it up. This can be a (tidy) dining table or coffee table in the living room or your favorite spot on the floor or in the garden. You can decorate the place of the ritual with a nice doily or cloth. I love to decorate it with plants, flowers, seeds, shells. I make sure not to damage any plants, but rather collect what I find on the ground seasonally.

To enjoy the ritual with all your senses, you can smoke with Palo Santo beforehand or use an incense stick. Candles and dimmed, pleasant light are also part of it for me. In addition, you can add a personal valuable, a figure, a piece of jewellery, a photo, a special feather to create a "sacred space".

The easiest way to repeat the cacao ceremony is to have a fixed location and keep all the ingredients within easy reach. Of course, you can also simply sit down in a nice place with a cup of cocoa without any "extras" or take it out into nature in your hand.

Choose some relaxing music to listen to in the background during the Kakao Ceremony. There are nice playlists for the cocoa ceremonies on Spotify. Calm meditation music with nature sounds, gentle mantra music or steady drum beats are also very suitable for this.

Set the duration of your cocoa ceremony beforehand so you don't have to check your watch or cell phone. 20-35 minutes is a good time for your cacao ceremony.

Give your ritual an intention. Say or write down what you long for. You may want to let go of a pain, fear, or dissatisfaction. Formulate a sentence about what you want to bring into your life (positive orientation) and place the leaf in the center.

Be loving with yourself. Let go of ideas and expectations of you, your feelings and the effect of cocoa on you. Expect nothing and be okay with what is there. Realize that everything is fine the way it is right now. That you are where you are supposed to be, that things/ people/ situations leave you because they no longer belong to you, you no longer need them. Realize that you are the creator of your life and look forward to everything that is yet to come. The cocoa plant acts as a medicinal plant in and with your heart space and is said to strengthen harmony, love and unconditional self-acceptance in your life. Cocoa, or "Mama Cacao", will ground you with its gentle, loving powers and support you on your way.

Consciously end your cocoa ceremony when the time is up. Close your eyes, remember your intention and empower yourself with these thoughts. Thank Mama Kakao and thank you (and all participants) for this beautiful ceremony. Send loving thoughts to your loved ones and open your eyes with a smile. Räkel and stretch and arrive consciously at you and in the day.

Cacao ceremonies are also a wonderful group experience. All participants sit in a circle around the center. If you wish, you can share your thoughts and intentions for the ritual beforehand. After a short meditation together, the cocoa is then slowly drunk. The cocoa ceremony is often combined with a subsequent ecstatic dance. Cocoa has a stimulating effect, especially in combination with chilli/chilli water and, combined with music, can lead to an intoxicated, very liberating feeling.