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YES - we know our manufacturers, pay the desired prices & convince ourselves on site that the conditions of their work meet our high standards.
But we deliberately do not have a fair trade label. Fair Trade is a company that makes an enormous amount of money through its certification programs. We would much rather use this money to support the local people directly. That's why we prefer to call our way of working "Direct Trade" - direct trade without intermediaries, where the money to 100% goes to the people who make the products.

We are travelers and that is why our range will always adapt to our travels. We would like to share the diversity of the world with you and are pleased to be able to present you not only the cocoa but also special treasures from the world in our Mellow Magic Shop.

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Unfortunately, we can no longer take back thalers that have already been opened and are non-returnable as they are food products. If you are dissatisfied with a product, simply write to us:
We will surely find a solution.

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Questions about cocoa

Der Begriff „zeremoniell“ steht für das bewusste, rituelle Trinken des Kakaogetränks und für einen dankbaren Umgang mit der Kakaopflanze. Dieser beginnt mit dem nachhaltigen, sowie umweltschonenden Anbau und fairen Umgang mit den Menschen vor Ort. Die Verarbeitung von dem Kakao findet dabei so sanft wie möglich statt und gewährleistet, dass alle wertvollen Inhaltsstoffe der Kakaobohne erhalten bleiben. Wir beziehen unseren Kakao direkt von Kleinbauern vor Ort und haben uns persönlich von der Qualität und den Bedingungen überzeugt. Unser Kakao bietet dir die besten Voraussetzungen, für eine tiefgehende und reine Kakao-Erfahrung.
You can find out more about our cocoa project here:

Our Tabasqueño cocoa from Mexico

One taler of our cocoa corresponds to 7 strong or 14 light cups of cocoa. For simplified portioning, our talers are already "pre-broken" into 7 triangles.
A triangle is approximately 11 grams of pure cocoa, a strong cup. Half a triangle of a very light cup. Taste your way through and see which amount you like the most.
You can find out more about the preparation of our cocoa here:

Ceremonial cocoa and its preparation

Approx. 70°C. The water should never boil! Little trick: If you don't have a temperature gauge at hand, you can mix 2 parts boiling water and 1 part cold water together. This results in approx. 70°C. Then add cocoa and stir and froth them with a Mollinillo.
You can find out more about the preparation of our cocoa here:

Ceremonial cocoa and its preparation

Traditionally, cocoa is prepared with water. You can also prepare the cocoa with oat milk, almond milk, pea milk, coconut milk, camel, goat or cow milk - just as you like. However, keep in mind that animal proteins inhibit the effectiveness of the valuable antioxidants in cocoa. We therefore recommend that you refrain from using animal milk.
You can find out more about the preparation of our cocoa here:

Ceremonial cocoa and its preparation

The cocoa powder that you find in the supermarket is always de-oiled. This intensive, industrial process robs the cocoa of its valuable cocoa butter - the heart of the cocoa plant! As a result, the cocoa loses its magic and valuable ingredients. In order to get the full effect of the cocoa, you should enjoy it in its entirety and pay close attention to how and where the cocoa was grown and further processed. Our Mellow Magic Cacao is 100%ige cacao mass, handcrafted and gently processed so you can fully experience the cacao.
You can find out more about the different ways of growing cocoa here:

How cocoa is grown

In its natural form, the cocoa plant only grows in the tropics and at large distances from one another, and it takes time. The harvest is done exclusively by hand and without machines. Unfortunately, the high demand for cocoa and chocolate and the associated industrial cultivation method of large-scale monocultures has led to cocoa prices being depressed on the market, with dire consequences for the small local farmers, for the environment from the pesticide-contaminated monocultures and with devastating consequences for the biodiversity of the region.

In addition, the range of nuances and quality of cocoa is similar to that of wine. Quality has its price. The majority of local producers grow on small areas, the yield of which must serve as the economic basis for feeding families of up to eight people. The depressed prices are a huge problem for local farmers.

For us, fair trade begins with fair payment and appreciation of the work of local smallholders. We only want to support what we want in the world. Our cocoa comes from small-scale mixed cultures from valuable agrofort projects, in which the rainforest is reforested instead of destroyed, biodiversity is promoted instead of being dangerously minimized. We pay the smallholders the price they want, without squeezing it, and we pay attention to a unique, pure quality for an unforgettable cocoa experience. We want you with our Mellow Magic Cocoa offer the chance not only to do something particularly good for you, but also to appreciate and appreciate people and the environment and to have a positive influence on the future development of cocoa cultivation and trade.
Would you like to know more about our unique cocoa and the project you are supporting with your purchase? Then read on here:

Our Tabasqueño cocoa from Mexico

Für Rohköstler bedeutet „roh“, dass ihr Essen zu keinem Zeitpunkt höher als 45°C erhitzt wurde.
According to the latter definition, our cocoa is not raw, because it is gently and steadily roasted by hand so that it fully develops its taste and is digestible for everyone who is not used to a raw food diet.

If by "raw" you mean the naturalness of a product to which nothing has been artificially added or taken away, then you can enjoy our cocoa with joy and devotion.

Don't worry, it's not difficult to prepare ceremonial cacao, as long as you have the right cacao on hand.

1. Warm up about 150ml of water or non-dairy milk (we love oat milk)
2. Crush the cocoa mass
3. Three triangles (approx. 33g) of our cocoa coin are perfect for a ritual cup
4. Dissolve the cocoa mass in the warm liquid and stir and froth the cocoa with our Molinillo.
5. Flavor your cocoa as you like
6. Take your time, feel and enjoy your cocoa

You can find detailed instructions for your cocoa ceremony in this blog article:

Cocoa ceremony & ceremonial cocoa

That's an exciting question to which there isn't just one answer, because cocoa works a little differently every time. Depending on the type of cocoa, your physical and mental condition, your environment and fellow human beings, cocoa can evoke boundless joy, crystal-clear focus, or peaceful security. A cup of cocoa in the morning always makes me pleasantly alert and alert. Cocoa in a ceremony with music and accompanied by chilli water has a liberating and intoxicating effect on me. A cup of cocoa by the fire fills me from the inside out with its warmth and deep heart energy. At the same time, cocoa can have a digestive effect due to its ingredients and stimulate emotional and physical processes.
In any case, the cocoa adapts to you and helps you to connect with your heart intuition. We are curious what our cocoa will do to you and look forward to your reports.

Cacao has been considered a holistic medicinal plant for thousands of years because it affects body, mind and soul. Along with the physical processes of detoxification and blood circulation, symptoms such as increased digestion, palpitations, a feeling of warmth and the associated sweating can occur. It is important that you pay attention to your body and do not simply exceed the recommended dose of 40g of cocoa per day without knowing your body in relation to cocoa.
Drink a lot of water when you enjoy cocoa, so the water can drain everything from your body that was released by the cocoa.
The theobromine contained in cocoa can create a relaxed and natural alertness that is perfect for meditating, working, reading & reflecting. That can be wonderful in the evening. However, if you would rather fall asleep without problems, then we recommend that you stop drinking cocoa before bed or adjust the dose.

Cocoa is really dangerous for pets such as dogs, cats or parrots. These cannot break down the theobromine and quickly overdose. So make sure you don't leave open cocoa cups around the house when there are animals around.

Cacao is suitable for anyone who wants to relax and connect with their self on a peaceful, gentle level.
But cocoa is also ideal for athletes and office athletes! Cocoa is a real powerhouse among hot drinks, after all it is packed with healthy fats, magnesium, antioxidants, cannabinoids and the much-described stimulants such as theobromine and phenylethylamine. Cocoa has a slower and more subtle effect than coffee, but is much more long-lasting and without the annoying racing heart caused by too much caffeine.
Would you like to learn more about the valuable ingredients and effects of cocoa? Then continue reading the following blog article:

That's why you should drink cocoa

Cacao contains gently stimulating theobromine and far less caffeine than coffee. However, if you caffeine react very sensitively, we recommend a small dosage of your cocoa of approx. 6g per cup (about half a triangle).

Pure cocoa in the pregnancy is a controversial topic and it is up to you to decide for yourself whether the cocoa is good for you, because what is good for you is usually good for your baby. If in doubt, please clarify this with your gynecologist or midwife.

children often react positively to cocoa and love its mood-enhancing effects. In addition, cocoa has many valuable ingredients that we do not want to withhold from our children. Our kids love their cup of cocoa in the morning. We always pay attention to a light dosage and to the sleeping times of the children.

When taking medications/antidepressants, we ask you to discuss this with your doctor before consuming ceremonial cocoa.

Do you have any questions? Then please contact us: