How can such a healthy substance, with such a fantastic effect, be so unknown in our latitudes? I wonder and take another sip of this velvety, delicious, healing and creamy liquid. Cocoa still leads a shadowy existence next to its colleagues in tea and coffee. Completely wrong, because the brown gold is not called the "food of the gods" for nothing and is considered a superfood. Even the Maya and Aztecs used cocoa as medicine. Cocoa is a true all-rounder with good components, it tastes fantastic, is healthy, makes you fit and awake and is even supposed to make you happy! Here is a brief overview of the miracle plant cocoa:

Cacao helps with high blood pressure & contains numerous antioxidants

Cocoa contains numerous antioxidants that are essential for life. Cocoa is particularly rich in the antioxidant phytochemical flavanol, which belongs to the subgroup of polyphenols. Flavanols lower blood pressure and are said to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.
These antioxidants also fight free radicals in the body and protect our body cells from damage and premature aging. They also lower cholesterol levels, protect against hardening of the arteries and can reduce the risk of stroke and cancer. They also counteract the formation of unwanted fat deposits. Cocoa contains a high concentration of these flavanols. In fact, it contains more flavanols than any other food. Not even blueberries, green tea or matcha tea, which are known to be antioxidants, can keep up.

Achtung: Wenn du deinen Kakao mit Kuhmilch und Zucker trinkst, dann verlieren die Antioxidanten ihre Wirkung. Durch die Bestandteile der Milch wird die Aufnahme dieser wichtigen Nährstoffe blockiert. Am besten genießt du den Kakao in Wasser aufgelöst oder in zuckerfreier Pflanzenmilch, wie Hafermilch.

Cocoa is rich in magnesium & makes you awake & fit

Cocoa is one of the highest plant sources of magnesium in the world. As an important supplier of energy, magnesium supports bone formation and our muscles. Our heart muscle is particularly happy about this, because magnesium has been proven to promote heart health. Due to the particularly high magnesium content in cocoa, the metabolism is also regulated and brain power is increased. Cocoa makes you awake and fit. The theobromine contained in cocoa has a similar effect to caffeine, but is milder and longer-lasting and helps you when you feel tired and listless. In addition, the magnesium has an antispasmodic and relaxing effect, which is a great bonus especially for women during their periods.

Cocoa is rich in calcium

The high calcium content in cocoa also makes it a true superfood. Our body needs calcium to build bones, teeth and nails. 100 g of raw cocoa already contains 160 mg of calcium, but only 125 mg in the same amount of milk. Cocoa also proves to be a wonderful source of energy for muscle contractions, for the transmission of nerve impulses and for blood clotting. For an extra boost of energy, we recommend a cup of ours Tabasqueno cocoa from the sustainable Selva Zoque project.

Cocoa is rich in iron

In addition to calcium, there is also a lot of iron in it good cocoa. With 7.3 mg iron per 100 g, cocoa contains far more iron than spinach, beef or lamb. The trace element is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and ensures better oxygen transport in the body, makes you awake and clear.

Tip: Iron works best when combined with vitamin C. Muesli with crushed cocoa and fresh kiwi or oranges is a fantastic idea. 

Cocoa contains many unsaturated fatty acids

Cocoa contains many valuable unsaturated fatty acids. And these fats are not bad, no, because our body needs them to function! The oleic acid in particular is increased in raw cocoa and ensures your heart health.

Attention: In order to unfold its full health effect, the cocoa must not be heated above 42 degrees, otherwise the many valuable ingredients in the cocoa can be lost. Instead, slowly melt it in the warm liquid and use one Molinilloto whip it until creamy and fluffy.

Cocoa makes you happy

Cocoa contains the body's own messenger substance tryptophan, which, like seratonin, is a happiness hormone. As a result, cocoa gives you a deep sense of well-being, conjures up butterflies in your stomach and simply makes you happy and content from the inside out.